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I have taken part in the following recordings some of which are available from me at my contact address:


The Republic - Three Songs from The Republic (Oval Records, OvalFlag 24/12) 

The Republic - One Chance/Heart in Your Pocket (7" single, Oval Records, Oval 29)


Milk from Cheltenham - Triptych of Poisoners (It's War Boys Records) (available from some retailers)


No Can Do (with Armin Sturm and Nicolas Christian) - Hackney Town Hall (independent limited release on Krill Konzern, KK12)

Instant-Cascade-Distant (with Thanos Chrysakis, James O'Sullivan, Dario Bernal-Villegas, Oli Mayne)                                (Aural Terrains TRRN 0306)

Astrakan - Astrakan                                                (Jaguar Steps JAST 001)

Vertex (with Thanos Chrysakis, Oli Mayne, Zsolt Sores)

                                                                              (Aural Terrains TRRN 0515)


Magnetic River (with Sebastien Branche, Thanos Chrysakis, Tom Soloveitzik, James O'Sullivan, Artur Vidal)       (Aural Terrains TRRN 0620)

Astrakan - Comets and Monsters                           (Jaguar Steps JAST 002)


Syneuma (with Thanos Chrysakis, James O'Sullivan)

                                                                               (Aural Terrains TRRN 0621)


Zafiros en el Barro (with Thanos Chrysakis, Ken Slaven, James O'Sullivan)                                                                                (Aural Terrains TRRN 0724)


Glowering Figs - Glowering Figs                      (SLAM Records, SLAM 2104) 

London Improvisers Orchestra - 20 Years On                                  (LIO 001)









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